Shetland Lace is an accepted term for the very fine and elaborate lace knitting produced in the Shetland Isles from the 19th century onwards. It achieved high fashion status in the middle of that century with the presentation of knitted shawls to Royalty and its showing at the 1851 Crystal Palace Exhibition. It subsequently declined from favour with the outbreak of the First World War but it is now attracting new attention from knitters with the development of charted patterns.
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Christening Robe

Unst Lace Bridal Shawl

The most famous pieces were Wedding Ring Shawls; these were commonly six foot (180 cms) square and so finely knitted that when finished, the shawl could be passed through a wedding ring. Shetland Lace is still available today, usually for exclusive items like Stoles, Christening Shawls and Robes, prices ranging from £100 - £2000 each.
Ring shawl being passed through a wedding ring - click image for more detail

Wedding Ring Shawl