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~ At Last - It's Back! ~
For knitters wanting the challenge and satisfaction of a high-end project, HK has created the Wedding Ring Shawl - a true reflection of Shetland Lace's heritage.

This project for the ultra-skilled knitter requires time, concentration and patience but in the end, all efforts will be rewarded by the finished shawl - a delicate webby patterning of geometric lace motifs, large and small.

The pattern comes with a Yarn Samples Card giving a selection of working lengths of possible yarns. Knitters are strongly advised not to purchase any yarn for this project until they have thoroughly swatched and evaluated the effects that using these different (or alternatively chosen) yarns may produce.

For those who have one of the original 500 'Limited Edition' patterns: download the Preview Pages as they contain the latest information to add to your copy. These pages are included in the pack and it is recommended you view them for more information.

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Wedding Ring Shawl 2010
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Yarn Samples Card