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By popular demand, the Princess Shawl Pattern has returned! We have departed slightly from our usual way of presenting our Projects in that for this pattern, we have produced a 24 page, full colour A4 sized booklet. Also included are 4 separate A3 (double A4) sized coloured charts to help with this ultra complex knit.
The content has been revised & enlarged and now includes two alternative centre patterns, instructions for making a square shawl and tips for simplifying the knitting.
This is one of the most complex Shetland lace patterns ever offered, inspired by one presented to Alexandra, Princess of Wales by Shetland in 1863.
Triangular Size : Approximately top - tip : 64 ins/160cm; width : 108 ins/270cm.
Square Size : Approx. 78 ins/195cm.
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Princess Shawl Booklet
Although originally completed using a DMC Crochet Cotton #70 (13 x 20gm - 330m per 20gm with 2.25mm / UK 13 / US 0 or 1 needle), after thorough testing, we now unhesitatingly recommend using any of the following:
Shetland Supreme 1 Ply 6 x 50gm (using 1.50mm / UK 16 / US 000/0000)
CashSilk 8 x 25gm (should allow for a 1.50mm needle)
Gossamer Merino 4 x 50gm using a 2.00mm/2.25mm needle
The above amounts are sufficient to make the triangular version. For the square, you would need twice as much. These natural yarns, which were not available when we first made the Princess, have been tested by us and have been found to produce truly exceptionally beautiful, and authentic results.

Yarn Samples for the Princess Shawl ~ click for details:

This is definitely a very enjoyable and extremely skilled knitting challenge which when completed, will be admired and treasured for many years to come.