Heirloom Knitting is a new Pattern and Workbook on the craft of Shetland Lace Knitting. Knitting is a personal thing. Every knitter has a different tension, style and preference, but common to all who knit for pleasure is the satisfaction taken in a beautiful hand-knitted piece. Few things represent this more than Shetland lace knitting, widely regarded as one of the best forms of the craft.

Once mastered, the hum-drum pick up and put down sessions of knitting, together with the careful selection and working of patterns, have an almost miraculous ending; never fully apparent until the knitting is completely finished by a process called dressing. Then comes the reward. The first, proper view of the gossamer-like structure of geometric lacy design gives such a sense of achievement, it makes Shetland lace knitting almost addictive. Deservedly, the finest examples of Shetland lace are in museums, and pieces like the Ring Shawls, rightly command prices in hundreds of pounds, a reflection of the time and skill needed to make them.

With this book, any moderately experienced knitter can learn to create heirlooms which if properly cared for, will last through generations. Don't be daunted by the apparent complexity of Shetland lace knitting, the majority of the patterns aren't too involved when looked at row by row. Simple mathematics and patient chart following are all that's necessary - anyone who has done counted cross stitch sewing and who has basic knitting skills can knit Shetland lace.

A Shetland Lace Sampler

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