They Crept In !
When charting Heirloom Knitting, I varied from the standard charting practice that I know of, by counting and marking in the number of plain stitches between the pattern stitches. I did this to save knitters the trouble of counting the little squares for themselves. But, as I cautioned on page 15, despite extensive checking, the odd slip (in the counting only - so far!) has made it through. For this I can only repeat my apologies and say, if you hit a snag without an explanation in the text, please check the number of underlying squares in the chart and compare it to the numeral - it may be my midnight eyes!

e.g. if there is a '7' on the chart instead of a '6' when there are only 6 squares, it should be a 6.

Here are the ones that we know of - if you discover any more, please let us know - we will add to this list as necessary. Thank you for your patience.

Page 29 : The smaller size needles compare as follows : British size 14 / metric 2 mm / US 00. British size 16 / 1.5 mm / US 0000.

Page 30 : The Table on this page has missing Column Headings : They should be as shown below:
Size of Needle
2 Ply *
3 Ply
4 Ply **
Double Knitting

Page 40/41 : The text 'the overall beauty of the lace knitting' properly belongs within the coloured box (headed ‘Tip’) on page 40, at the end. The Publishers have overflowed it onto page 41.

Page 49 : The bold overlay on this chart is one square out on the left. Click the 'New Chart' button for a correct, printable chart.
Click to print a corrected chart

Page 96 : Row 1 on the Chart : Stitch 3 should be like stitch 6, a double dot. The text for Cat's Eye Pattern should read: Row 1, 'knit 4' (not 'knit 3').

Page 101 : The charted Tree motif is one square out to the right; the Tree should be centred between Diamonds (see page 102).

Page 106 : Row 15, the first and last double decreases on this line should be single ones - 'slashes' not 'black triangles'.

Page 112 : Row 98 should be as Row 44 on page 111.

Page 122 : First stitch on Row 1 : The Slip stitch symbol is missing.

Page 128 : Chart should read 'Cast on 25 stitches'.

Page 148 : Row 23 'knit and purl' into first and last double-dot symbol (these should have been dot and dash symbols). Treat remaining double-dot symbols as ordinary and 'knit 3' there - no increasing.

Page 154 : Row 143, stitch 58 should be a 'knit 2 together' rather than a plain knit square.

Page 158/9 : Row 73 is shown on both pages for reference - work this only once!

Page 163 : Chart information should read '43 (not 53) Side Stitches'.

Page 173 : The chart has an extra blank square (at the outside edge) included in the odd rows 1, 3 and 5. These should be outside the pattern outline and can therefore be ignored.

Page 176 : The right hand side of this chart is missing. It should be as given with top chart on page 177.

Page 177 : 1851 Wedding Veil Insertion Chart : Row 1, the '7' here should be a '6'.

Page 196 : The numeral positions for the border arrows 1 and 4 should be exchanged.

Page 209 : 5 oz not 4.5 oz (4 1/2 oz) of Cobweb 1 Ply.

Page 215 : Picture information should also say 'the border's centre stitch for this version is through the 6th flower'.

Page 236 : The Chart title ' Bead Faggot Pattern' on this page should be below the chart on page 237.

Page 252 : Row 19 should start 'knit 1, knit2tog, yfwd, knit1.........'. Row 23 should start 'knit2tog..........'.

Page 261 : The dressed tension should read '30 sts by 38 rows - approx 2.5 stitch repeats wide by 1 row repeat high'. Useful information : The stole centre is just over 40 ins long by approx 24 ins wide; the edging is approx 4 ins deep and each border is approx 12 ins deep.

Page 268 : Chart information should read 'cast on 9 + 26 sts for edging - 35 sts in all'. Top Chart : First knit 'dot' on Row 1 should be a 'slash' decrease. Also, lower chart has the insertion repeats of 6 rows incorrectly charted - but the repeat information in text is correct.

Page 269 : The information given on this page is correct but would either produce a very large shawl or need working with a finer yarn. Also, the borders would be based on the chart given on page 265 and the pattern increased in a slightly different manner. For the pictured shawl using Shetland Cobweb 1 Ply and British size 13 / 2.25 mm / US 0, I used an All Over Tree and Diamond centre of 165 sts - 9 mulitiples of 16 sts + 21 side sts (see page 102). Then you can use the chart given on page 269 and work borders starting with 166 sts each: - 3 multiples of 36 sts + 2 x 29 side sts (as shown on this chart).

Page 270 : 2.00 mm needle (not 2.25 mm needle).

Page 274 ~ Christening Robe : Border Lace Rows 1 - 45 : Row 39, the '25' on the left hand side of the chart should be a '27'.

Page 276/277 : Row 135 is given on both these pages ~ obviously please work this just the once!

Page 278 : Text at * should be as follows: After Row 225, repeat Rows 198 to 221 once, then knit 3 rows garter stitch to make 252 rows.

Page 286 : The Ready Reckoner on this page has errors in it. Click here for a corrected page. You will Need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print it.

Page 291 : Small size needles : Addi make 1.5 mm / British Size 16 / US 0000 circular needles; you should be able to get them through a good supplier.